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Tricks of the Trade: Auxiliary Band Saw Table

 In December 2010 #187

By Popular Woodworking Magazine Staff and Readers
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The winning trick for this issue is an auxiliary band saw table. Plus you’ll learn tricks like a zero-clearance insert for the miter saw, a bench jig for safely planing thin pieces, a clamping method for small mitered frames, and a drill press extension table.

Video: Tricks-in-action shows you a free video of one of this issue’s tricks in use in our shop. Watch “Bench Jig for Thin Pieces” – as well as a few of our other favorites.
Website: Visit the new Tricks of the Trade page online.
Blog: Tricks editor Kari Hultman writes about woodworking on her blog, The Village Carpenter.
In our store: Get “601 Woodshop Tips & Tricks,” by Graham McCulloch.

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