December 2010 #187

Popular Woodworking December 2010 issueThe cover project of Popular Woodworking December 2010 is a Line & Berry Chest of Drawers. It’s a traditional design from Chester County, Pennsylvania. The inlay on the drawer is made simpler with router patterns and a good straight bit.

Allan Turner teaches you cross-grain solutions to defeat splitting in solid wood construction.

In part three of a series, Marc Adams shows you simple patterns in veneer using only mirrors, a cheap knife and a straightedge.

You’ll create a useful English layout square that is easy to make, easy on the eyes and awesome to use.

Details shaped by hand and eye help to define the style of a Greene & Greene frame. In the second part of his Aging Furniture story, Michael Dunar shows you furniture’s battle scars and teaches you how to create this “incidental” wear on your projects.

Bob Rozaieski teaches you to soup up your sawing savvy through practicing proper techniques.

The I Can Do That project is a Victorian side table.

You’ll also learn to build Moxon’s Ingenious Bench Vise in the Jig Journal column.

George R. Walker reveals how great legs are essential to proportioning a piece of furniture.

Bob Flexner gives you the essential details when it comes to staining wood.

Detailed article previews are below. Online Extras (downloads, etc.) for this issue are found inside each article.

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On the Level: What I Learned at Woodworking in America

By Christopher Schwarz During my three days at Woodworking in America I talked until my voice was hoarse, answering questions about router planes, workbenches, saws, chisels and scrapers. But what was most amazing about the conference was how much I learned when I shut my mouth.

Letters: Sagging Face Vise Screw Concerns

Our editors provide answers to reader questions including the topics of sagging face vise concerns, problems planing hard maple, moving beyond "I Can Do That", a website to research Disston saws, a clarification on Jim Tolpin's article "Design by Eye", and a question on how the staff chooses story selection –...

Design Matters: Great Legs

When proportioning legs to a furniture design the legs need to reflect and connect with the overall mass they support. I’ve been looking at legs on furniture and studying how they are proportioned. Because they play a key role in such a wide variety of forms, there are few rules that...

Simple Patterns in Veneer

In part three of this series, Marc shows you how to match a panel in veneer using only mirrors, a cheap knife and a straightedge. A four-way match veneer panel looks harder to execute than it really is. Here are the steps for cutting, taping and getting it ready for the...

Furniture’s Battle Scars

In this second part of his “Aging Furniture” story, Michael shows you how to create a convincing story of “incidental” wear on your newly built piece of furniture.