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Miniature maker David Brookshaw is wearing out the zoom icon on my copy of Photoshop. His 1/12 scale model of a gentleman’s cabinet shop is just amazing. Download the photos below and take a close look for yourself.

Be sure to check out the Lancashire-pattern hack saw on the wall (the tensioning nut works). Take a look at the working handsaws on the wall. And the plans for a rosewood Baltimore Hall chair on the drawing slope.

A couple details from Brookshaw: The drive shaft of the wheel lathe passes through the wall. Outside is a crank you can turn tot make the lathe spin. And the ruler and the square are made using ivory veneers on old piano keys.

There’s more to see at David’s web site, including the tool chest for this shop.

Gents workshop 7.JPG (648.93 KB)

Gents workshop 11.JPG (645.84 KB)

Rosewood 2.JPG (665.08 KB)

Tool rack.JPG (619.77 KB)

– Christopher Schwarz, who really has to get back to work now.

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  • Jonas Jensen


    One of the good things about building stuff this size must be that you don’t strain your back trying to tackle a workbench top.

  • David Pope

    But did you know he is only 6 inches tall!

  • Bill T.

    Totally sweet!!

    I’ve been thinking for about a year now about making a small, fully functioning scale model of my workbench, to keep on my desk – just because I think it would be cool.

    But I wouldn’t have all those neato teeny tools to go with it…

  • Glen

    Wow. I can’t imagine working at that scale – and do it with that kind of detail. If it weren’t for the ruler, you’d never know.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Eric

    That’s incredible.
    The tools on the tool rack and that chair are awesome.
    The proportions are right on the money.

  • Gene

    I’m surprised I don’t see a little "2005" on that Roubo!

    Amazing stuff!


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