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We’re having some blog problems right now. Posts and comments are disappearing. This is technical, not a conspiracy (at least not one that I’m in on). I apologize for the problem and hope we’ll have it cleared up soon.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • One of my backsaw posts disappeared…should I resend?

  • John Cashman

    I’m glad it isn’t me. I searched several times for the post you had done on your broken wristwatch, and couldn’t find it. I was thinking of it as a gift for someone.

  • Tim

    Not to be a whiner, but this blog hasn’t been running smooth for months. I still love the content though. Good Luck.

  • Christopher Schwarz

    We ran out of disk space last night. They moved some folders around and now we’re (supposed) to be running smooth now.

    We’ll see.


  • Dan

    Thanks for the update… I was thinking that maybe I was going crazy because I was remembering seeing a post about backsaws and then an hour later couldn’t find it.

  • Steve

    I’m pretty sure that it’s Glen trying to figure out a way to get rid of that photo in the White Water post from a few days ago.


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