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You can now download free SolidWorks illustrations for the Stickley Magazine Stand from Issue No. 3 and the Sliding-lid Box from Issue No. 2. The printed versions of these back issues have been sold out for some time, however you can order them (plus three more issues) on one CD.

Also, the Stickley Magazine Stand has one error in the drawing on page 19 (which has been corrected on the CD, by the way). On the illustration labeled “Rear View” we call out the overall width as 10″ , it should be 14″, as shown below. Our apologies for the mistake.

You can open these SolidWorks files using a free little program from SolidWorks that you can download for both Mac and Windows machines. With the program, you can open up the drawing file and examine the project to your heart’s content. These SolidWorks files were drawn by reader and draughtsman Louis Bois, who has prepared SolidWorks files of many of the other projects from the first five issues, which are now available on CD.

Magazine Stand (550.04 KB)

Sliding-lid Box (381.36 KB)

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Christopher Schwarz


    The corrected version is now uploaded above. Thanks guys.


  • Louis Bois

    Good catch David!! I didn’t even notice that the tool holder was overlapping the sliding lid slot when I put the parts together. The height of the tool holder should only be 1 1/4" as opposed to 1 1/2". I’ll fix the model and resubmit it to Chris.


    p.s. Thanks for the lovely marking knife, btw. (My wife bought it for my birthday!!)

  • David Jeske

    This is a great blog. Thanks for the solids downloads also. I noticed on your sliding box that the lid appears to hit the divider-divider is too tall 🙂
    take care,


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