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If you’re parsimonious, tardy or just plain wary, then this post is for you.

My book “Handplane Essentials” is now on sale for the first time since its release this summer. Until Feb. 15, you can get “Handplane Essentials” for 20 percent off, plus free shipping in the United States. The book is normally $34.99. With the discount, it’s $27.99 plus free domestic shipping.

To get the discount, all you have to do is enter the coupon code: PW10LUV at checkout.

Before you order, keep in mind that the book is huge, made entirely in the United States and is filled with articles I’ve written during the last 10 years from Popular Woodworking, Woodworking Magazine, The Fine Tool Journal and various blogs.

In other words, if you already own everything I’ve written, don’t buy this book (unless you like the thought of my children wearing extra warm and fuzzy clothes….).

If you’re not sure that “Handplane Essentials” is for you, then I encourage you to read the February 2010 issue of WoodenBoat magazine. Associate Editor Karen Wales wrote a lengthy review of the book. And though I’ve gotten some nice write-ups for the book, this one is the most glowing.

Here are a couple samples:

“Pretty enough for the coffee table but not too precious to use, Handplane Essentials will provide hours and hours of enjoyable reading, is an excellent learning tool and a timeless resource.”

And this one embarrassed me:

“…(L)ike some of the best food writing, he produces sensations so nearly tactile that I can almost smell the shavings; only afterward do I realize I’ve also learned something.”

Thanks Karen. If we ever get to meet, the first round is on me.

To order the book, visit the And remember, the coupon code , PW10LUV , expires Feb. 15.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Ed Furlong


    I just want to second the comments of others regarding this book. I received it for Christmas and immediately spent much of the week between Christmas and New Years taking a #3, #4, and a #5 and bringing them back to prime operating condition. I had drifted from the one true path and was using power tools pretty much exclusively for "efficiency"–the investment in flattening soles, lapping and honing bevels, etc., clearly demonstrated to me that a hand plane, properly set up, is as efficient as a sander or router, or other corded tool, without the noise, and with a huge increase in pleasure–I leave the piles of shavings around the bench just to look at them!

    I am still working on cambering my plane blades–I find that a challenge–but heartily endorse this book for anyone trying to "cut the cord." It has taken me from being a hand plane accumulator to hand plane user.

  • Dave Beauchesne


    I purchased the book from LV last year – have gone thru all of it once and re-read some of the key points; there will be at least one more go thru soon.

    Great book, I like your presentation. Have recommended it to a few people – they too are happy after they bought their own.

    Dave B

  • Joseph Sullivan


    I’ll happily join the chorus of favorable reviews. I have been using hand planes sub-optimally or downright incompetently for years. This was clear from the difference in my results and the ones other people have shown me, or that I have read about. Furthermore, there are kinds of planes I have never really used at all. The book looked like it might have some answers.

    Indeed it does. When it came I was disappointed — and emailed you — that it didn’t have much about fancy planes. However, what it does have is more valuable to me than expected. Far more valuable. Worth reading carefully to be sure the real intent of he paragraph is understood. Worth rereading to catch a nuance lost missed before but now more clear after some practical shavings-making at the bench.

    Did I mention I like the book?

    Joe Sullivan

  • David Hite

    That’s a lot better than Amazon’s price: $199.00!


    Orderd the book last weekend and just got it in the mail today. Can’t wait to start reading and learning. I was able to contact customer service and get the discount applied retroactivley!!

  • gdblake


    I’m more than happy to help you keep your kids warm and fuzzy. Even though the book is a compilation of previous articles, having them bound into a single reference volume was worth the price. I’ve recommended this book to several newbies seeking a crash course in handplanes.

  • Bill T.

    "parsimonious, tardy or just plain wary"

    You left out cheap bastid.

    – Bill


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