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Anyone who works with me in the shop knows that I’m a bit of a bully when it comes to the stereo. I’ll get to the office early, plug my iPod into the crap-tacular shop stereo (which hasn’t actually played in stereo since Kool & the Gang were on the charts) and hit “shuffle.”

But since early October, the iPod I take to work has been on the fritz. The 1/8″ jack has been acting up, and the music has been cutting in and out. So Bob Lang has been able to play his 1970s supergroup CDs in the shop, and Glen Huey has been able to sneak in some Dean Martin.

Today I resolved to do something about it. I took the iPod to our Apple Store and asked for help at the Genius Bar. The guy took my iPod to the back room for about 15 minutes. When he returned he handed the iPod back to me.

“All better,” he said.

And the problem was?

“There was some tape jammed in there,” the genius said. “I pulled it out and now it’s working fine.”

I narrowed my eyes and considered my Scotch-tape-loving crafty children as likely suspects. So I asked:

“What color was the tape? Clear?”

“No,” he replied. “Blue.”

Then I knew it was my own dang fault. I use blue tape for everything in the shop, and bits are constantly stuck to my shop apron. Somehow I managed to jam some of my beloved blue stuff in the 1/8″ jack.

The good news here is, however, that I am catching up on my Centro-Matic, Built to Spill and Wilco listening. As is the rest of the office.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Redandblackredneck

    Add a little Neko Case and Whiskeytown and you will be good to go. I have been driving my neighbors crazy with Bob Dylan’s latest (I have speakers on the porch that is on the back of my shop).

  • Ron Boe

    What’s wrong with Dean Martin!?

  • Barry

    Sounds like sabotage to me!

  • Larry Wyatt

    I put the blue tape in the IPOD Chris. To keep you from listening to such yahoo-style music!! 🙂 I’m 49 and I still get motivated listening to Saliva, Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed(AH AH AH AH) with a little Staind, Three Days Grace and Seether thrown in for good measure!

    Thanks for the tips on the aprons, btw.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Rick

    I would be suspicious of fellow workers in the shop. Unless you are the only one with blue colored tape! I suppose it never crossed your mind that they may not have cared for your music?


  • Samson

    I loves me some blue tape in da shop. All kines o’ uses. But it would be a tough choice, blue tape or iPod as more essential for woodworking success. I think I’d have to go with iPod.

  • Jamey Amrine

    Wilco. Rawks.

    That is all. 🙂

  • Mike

    Geez, I knew I liked Glen the first time I met him!

    Take care, Mike

  • Ethan

    Don’t you hate it when that initial accusatory thought jumps into your head…

    "Man, what did that woman do with my 4" square THIS time?"

    … and it turns out it’s sitting on the end of your bench, right where you left it? And thinking back on it, the only other time she’s ever even touched your 4" square is when she picked it up off the kitchen counter, where you sat it down when getting a drink of water, and asked what the new toy was.

    I always feel so badly that my first thought is one of shifted blame… until she loses another one of my tools!

  • Matt Vanderlist

    After reading your playlist to my wife, you’ve surpassed me as her favorite woodworker (not like I was ever really on the list). Do you have the date marked also for the release of the new Wilco and Built to Spill albums? If not Samantha can send you a countdown ticker.

  • olsen

    I suspect sabotage. Nobody wants to listen to someone elses ipod everyday.

  • EVL

    Just curious under which Navigation link (right side of this page) you are going to put this entry. Probably "Boring". 🙂

  • Louis

    …throw in a little My Morning Jacket, Uncle Tupelo and Richard Buckner and your day will be filled with joyous wonder. Why doesn’t the Alt-C gang get together and make a Christmas CD already?!? Dang.

  • RGDaniel

    You say "1970s supergroup" like it’s a bad thing… B-)

  • T. D.

    You know, I always thought I liked your style from your posts. Now seeing your musical tastes (and insistence on tunes in the shop) confirms: I LOVE your style! 😉

  • Wilbur Pan

    Wilco and Built to Spill? Sounds like my iPod.


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