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Easy-to-Install Planing Stop

Traditionally, installing a planing stop on your bench involves a big square mortise and a recess for the stop to lay flush with the top when it’s not in use. I didn’t want to modify my bench [...]

Tool News: Makita Cordless Router Kit

Tool: 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Compact Router Kit Manufacturer: Makita Price: $350, buy it here Trim routers are quickly becoming a standard item in cordless lineups. It’s hard to beat the [...]

Tool Test: Milwaukee Cordless Chainsaw

Tool: M18 FUEL Brushless Chain Saw Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tool Street Price: $400, buy it here I made the switch to battery-powered chainsaws for my tree service work in 2011 when pro-duty [...]

Veritas Pocket Plane

A few weeks ago Veritas tools (Lee Valley) released their most recent plane. The squirrel-looking plane (there are actually two versions of it: a limited edition stainless steel, and a continuous [...]

Tool Test: Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw

When Erik Florip of Florip Toolworks announced that he would be offering a premium dovetail saw for $85, he immediately had my attention. At that price point, these saws are positioned well below [...]

Next-generation Bessey REVO Clamps

We love the original wooden-handled Bessey K Body clamps. But they became unavailable in 2008 when Bessey released the Revo clamps, which had a larger clamping surface (of about 30 percent) than [...]


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