3 Most Essential Tools

You can’t buy them, but you already have at least two. By Jim Tolpin Pages: 102-103 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now When I started woodworking in New Hampshire with my fellow [...]

Make Your First Cabriole Legs

Learn to create this classic furniture detail using a template, a band saw and a little lathe work. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 96-100 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now I like the [...]

Steel-stringed Guitar

Building your first guitar is not just another project; it’s a journey. By Steve Shanesy Pages: 84-89 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now Ever since my early days of woodworking, [...]

Hand Plane Cabinet

Hard-working tools deserve a decent place to rest. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 72-79 On certain holidays, such as New Year’s Day, craftsmen in Japan clean their tools, put them on a shrine and [...]

$1,500 Workshop

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to set up an affordable (and complete) workshop. These tools do good work on a budget. By David Thiel Pages: 66-71 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this [...]

3-D Mortising Upgrade

A modified cross-sliding table turns your drill press or benchtop mortiser into a precision boring machine. By David Thiel Pages: 61-65 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now [...]

Tornado Table

One afternoon – start to finish – is all it takes, even for a new woodworker. This may be the easiest (and coolest) table you’ll ever build. By Steve Shanesy & John Hutchinson Pages: 46-52 [...]

At the Lathe: Bottle Stoppers

A simple lesson in spindle turning. By Judy Ditmer Pages: 42-44 These bottle stoppers are great projects for beginners and more advanced turners alike. Their relative ease of turning makes them a [...]

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