Folding Stool

For camping, conquering and contemplating, these stools have a long history among artists, soldiers and rugged individualists. by Christopher Schwarz with David Lyell pages 24-27 There are few [...]

Rout Arches of Any Size

This millwork technique can be used to make curved parts with accuracy and ease. by Ben Brunick pages 33-39 Much of my recent work has been making period-appropriate arch-top sash windows for an [...]

17th-century ‘Desk Box’

Simple joinery will keep this piece together for centuries. by Peter Follansbee pages 40-47 Books, papers, lamps, candlesticks, spoons, Legos, clothing, electronics and more all end up on top of [...]

Shop Supports

Learn to cut three joints by hand as you make these handy shop appliances. by Willard Anderson pages 48-54 I have used what I call “shop supports” for many years. These are not sawhorses, and [...]

Next-generation Bessey REVO Clamps

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 14 We love the original wooden-handled Bessey K Body clamps. But they became unavailable in 2008 when Bessey released the Revo clamps, which had a larger clamping [...]

Lixie Dead Blow Mallet

by Brendan Gaffney page 14 Well-fit joinery (not too loose, not too tight) and well-planned glue-ups rarely need much persuasion – but I am not always lucky enough to find myself with either of [...]

Bad Axe Tool Works D-8 Handsaws

by James McConnell page 16 Making a good handsaw is difficult; making great handsaws at a production level seems darned near impossible. The new D-8 handsaws (based on the Disston D8 and Simonds [...]

Texas Heritage Woodworks Saddle Bag

by Brendan Gaffney page 16 I’m a fan of having my tools out and at hand in the workshop. It’s easy enough to mount the saws to the wall, whip up a chisel rack and tuck the planes on a …

Design Matters: Local Hidden Treasure

You might drive by one every day, tucked away from the main road. by George Walker pages 18-20 I drove right by it for years, never suspecting there was a time capsule of American furniture right [...]

Causes of Orange Peel

Understand and avoid this common spraying flaw. by Bob Flexner pages 62-63 Orange peel is the most universal defect in a sprayed finish. It is a bumpiness on the surface that resembles the skin of [...]

End Grain: Patience Learned, Not Taught

Youthful energy sparks the experience, but careful work takes time. by Bill Murr page 64 Recently, the young boy a few houses down the street want-ed to make some things out of wood. His father [...]


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