Creating SketchUp Models from Pictures

The ideal way to create SketchUp models of furniture from pictures is to take front-on and end-on views with a digital camera. Also take overall measurements. Then the .jpg images can then be [...]

SketchUp Help – 10 FAQs

I have been teaching SketchUp for over seven years, both live and online. Students new to SketchUp struggle with a set of problems that are very similar in nature and can be characterized by one [...]

A Shaker Stool For The WorkshopPart 5

In Part 4 we cut three more holes in the seat and copied three more legs into position, even though it was only temporary. We created two rungs, each different in length, but the second being a [...]

CutList Bridge 2.7 Released

SketchUp Make and Pro 2014 brought with it many improvements including the upgrade from Ruby 1.8.7 to Ruby 2.0 for its Ruby API and Plugins. Like most improvements, there are some casualties and [...]

A Shaker Stool For The WorkshopPart 4

In Part 3 we trimmed the leg with a compound cut so that it sat flat on the floor and was flat with the seat. We also modeled the seat and put one hole, for one leg in it. Today …

A Shaker Stool For The WorkshopPart 3

In Part 2 we modeled the leg, copied and position three more. But the legs extended through the floor and beyond the height of the seat. Today we are going to cut the leg to length, essentially a [...]


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