Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

Read the entire tool test here. Video: Learn how to turn with our new online show, “Popular Woodturning.” Web site: Teknatool. From the June 2014 issue, #211 Teknatool’s new Nova [...]

Nexabond Instant Adhesive Test

A week ago, in a report from AWFS, our boss Kevin Ireland reported on a new instant adhesive, Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive. It won an Innovation Award at AWFS and it’s worth a look. [...]

LED Perfect for Workbench Light

Our shop has a lot of things in common with our readers’ shops, especially those who work in basements or abandoned coal mines. The overhead lighting leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve [...]

Substitute for Steel Wool Substitute

One way to tell that you’re getting old is when technology marches forward, providing a replacement for something you think of as new. Non-woven abrasive pads (Scotch-Brite is one brand [...]

Gramercy Holdfasts-the Real Story

Way back in 2005, I wrote an article for issue #4 of Woodworking Magazine about holdfasts. At the time, very few woodworkers knew what a holdfast was, and the article reviewed available [...]

Veneer Press by David Coleman

Dave Coleman is one of our readers, and one of the dedicated craftsmen putting the White Water Shaker Village back together. He’s been building Shaker furniture and boxes for a number of [...]

Bosch ‘Enhances’ Jigsaws

Last week I was at the North American headquarters of Bosch Tools, part of a group of woodworking journalists taking a look at new offerings of the company’s products. The first woodworking [...]

Favorite New Tools of 2011

So, with hours to go before the year ends (at least in my time zone), I’ve one more post for 2011: some of Popular Woodworking Magazine‘s favorite new tools for 2011. Caveat: Because [...]

Senco 15-gauge Cordless Nailer

Before Senco sent us the 18-gauge cordless brad nailer that I tested for the November 2011 issue, they sent us a 15-gauge cordless finish nailer, the FN65DA. The 15-gauge angled nailer is really [...]

Test-drive: Two New Saws from Bad Axe

Mark Harrell of Bad Axe Tool Works corralled two of his new saws for us to test; he calls them Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, and optional quartersawn mesquite handles play to the Western theme. [...]


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