Here at Popular Woodworking Magazine, our editors have been building birdhouses for years, and we have a wealth of birdhouse plans for your yard – everything from decorative birdhouse plans to common wren birdhouse plans and even bat box plans. Simple birdhouse plans are really fun to follow, and the results will delight you. But we’re making it even easier to build a birdhouse with this special offer – we’re making it FREE! Your copy of the “Birdhouse Plan Combo Pack” includes two favorite bird box plans that you can assemble today. Why wait? High-quality, free birdhouse plans don’t come along every day. Download the combo pack now, and start building.

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Download these free birdhouse plans

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Everyone has a unique style, and birds do, too! As your knowledge of woodworking grows, you’ll want to build your own birdhouse for each species you want to attract. We chose two easy birdhouse plans for this combo pack for two different concepts. Both of them are simple birdhouse plans, but one is modern and modular while the other is built on a woodworking theme with some easy shaping. They are both yours for free, just for joining our e-mail newsletter community!

You can now build a birdhouse in the shape of a handplane: for the obsessed woodworker only!

You Can Now Build a Birdhouse in the Shape of a Handplane

by Christopher Schwarz

Do you like hand planes as much as you like birds and birdhouses? This unique design tells the neighborhood that a woodworker lives here! And the birds will love it. It’s a large enough box to suit a range of species. You can decide how large to make the entry holes, based on what you want to attract. Chris Schwarz is a master of the hand plane, and here he shows us that he is also a master of the birdhouse!

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Free Birdhouse Plans: Purple Martin Condo

by A.J. Hamler

The purple martin is a widespread, social species that is enjoyable to have in your yard. A.J. Hamler created a great design for this project that takes advantage of the bird’s sociability and will last for many seasons. It’s also a modular project, meaning that you can build several boxes in a short time, then put them together however you like – lending the appearance of a modern, “condo” community!

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