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Shawn Graham spent the better part of a decade in the public school sector teaching high school technology classes. Now he's using content creation via articles, books and video's to scratch that teachers itch. See more of his content and work at or search wortheffort on YouTube.

New Tool Designs in Woodworking?

Woodworking tool design progresses slowly. While it’s easy to state that today we have some of the best woodworking tools ever, the designs haven’t changed much. I mean, when a manufacturer takes advantage of modern metallurgy and manufacturing processes you can get some exceptionally high-quality tools – but that isn’t design...

Woodworking Educator Litmus Test

Litmus tests are a necessary evil in life. In the sciences they are a critical tool; in a social context they’re a justification for exclusion, and a rationale for prejudice. Having said that… Woodworking is not a science and during my time as a woodworker I’ve developed a litmus test. The...