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VIDEO – Delta Unisaw Restoration – Part I

In this first installment of the restoration of a vintage Delta Unisaw, Publisher Steve Shanesy takes us through the first step – assessing the condition of the saw. Plus you'll see how to bring the electric wiring up to modern standards.

VIDEO – Boomerangs!

Trevor Smith's students combine woodworking with classroom learning to discover how edge shapes help to make their work fly. Watch as they construct their boomerangs and send their projects soaring.

Taking Pictures of Woodworking

Let's face it – it's tough enough to be a good woodworker, let alone be able to write about it. But when it comes to taking photos of your work to share with friends (or magazine editors) it can seem like a daunting task. Here we've posted a "Photography Guide for...

Rolling Clamp Rack

When you’ve got so many clamps that it’s a problem getting them to where the work is being done, build this rolling clamp rack!