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About Matt

Matt is the host and creator of the first and longest-running podcast dedicated to the home woodworker – Matt's Basement Workshop. While woodworking isn't his full time occupation, it is his passion. So to help feed that passion Matt started his podcast in an effort to learn as much about woodworking as he can and share it with whomever will listen.

Shop Storage Ideas from Matt’s Basement Workshop

Regardless of the size of the shop, storage is always a topic worth discussing. And if you’re in a smaller woodshop like mine, it’s something you probably think about quite often. But you might be asking, “So where do I get started?” That’s easy – wherever you need it the most. I...

Setting up a Woodworking Shop

You may think the hardest part about setting up a woodworking shop is the layout. Yes, it can be time-consuming (depending on the level of detail you put into it), but in my experience creating the layout isn’t nearly as bad as the move itself, especially if it’s down into a...

Matt's workshop dimension

Woodshop Layout – Tour and Tips from Matt’s Basement Workshop

I can’t deny that I’ve always wanted a large woodshop. Patterned after a professional shop, my large woodshop would include: Space for hundreds of board feet of lumber Dedicated power- and hand-tool workspaces A finishing room My own design area to play with mockups and such Large would be nice. Still,...