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Q & A: Are Broken Screws Removable?

Q: Argh! I broke off a brass screw while installing a small hinge. Can I get it out? A: Join the club! Every woodworker has faced this problem. The best answer is to drill around the screw with a [...]

Q & A: The Right Mortise / Tenon Fit

Q: What’s the right fit between a mortise and a tenon? I’m going crazy trying to measure them with a dial caliper! A: You’re not alone. This question has bugged just about every woodworker, but [...]

Q & A: Sawing Aluminum

Q: Can I cut aluminum with my chop saw? A: Yes. Most carbide blades work fine for occasionally cutting aluminum, but we recommend using a special, non-ferrous metal-cutting blade if you cut a lot [...]

Q & A: Rust and Mold on Waterstones

Q: My set of Norton waterstones has recently developed two problems. First, a brownish stain appears when I sharpen my chisels and plane irons. Could this be rust? My second problem is mold, [...]

Q & A: Installing Threaded Inserts

Q: I made a jig that needed threaded inserts but I had one heck of a time installing them by hand. They went in cockeyed and I trashed their slots.What am I doing wrong? A: The most common kind [...]

Q & A: Easy Drawer Dividers

Q: Help! The junk drawer in our kitchen is out of control! I have trouble finding anything in there. Is there a simple way to add dividers to my kitchen drawers without taking them apart? A: You [...]

Q & A: Matching Old Stains

Q: I have to match an old stain. I’ve come pretty close with a new stain I bought at the hardware store, but it’s not good enough. Is there a way I can tint the stain? A: There are several …

Q & A: Sanding Scratches Revealed

Q: What can I do to see sanding scratches before I apply stain? I always miss some of them until it’s too late. A: Doesn’t that drive you crazy? Just when you should be home free, wham! Now [...]

Q & A: Clean Up Squeeze Out

Q: I saw one of those woodworking wizards on television the other day. As I watched the guy build a three-day project in 30 minutes, I noticed he washed off glue squeeze out with a wet cloth [...]

Q & A: Slice Steel on Your Bandsaw

  Slice Steel on Your Bandsaw   Q: I’ve heard of a technique called friction-cutting that allows you to cut steel on a woodworking bandsaw. What is friction-cutting and does it [...]

AW Extra 7/10/14 – Making Curved Doors

Making Curved Doors Kerfkore flexible panels handle curves with ease. By Brad Holden Curved doors and panels add elegance to any project, especially kitchen cabinets. Making these complicated [...]


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