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The Almost-Forgotten Fore Plane

Learn to set up and wield one of the most useful (and inexpensive) handplanes. by Christopher Schwarz pages 23-27 Kevin Drake, a furniture maker who trained under James Krenov, stood before his [...]

Paper Cord Weaving

Simple Danish ‘planflet’ weaving produces eyecatching results. by Caleb James pages 28-37 Danish paper cord is three-ply, twisted paper, a strong material that Hans Wegner used on his now-classic [...]

Greene & Greene Pantry Shelf

Cloudlifts and ebony accents add spice to utilitarian storage. by Norman Reid & Jeffrey Fleisher pages 38-42 This project began, as many do, with a need. Norm’s overflowing pantry shelves [...]

Shapely Legs

You needn’t rely on ready-made patterns to design good-looking gams. by Rob Porcaro pages 43-47 Legs with engaging, flowing three-dimensional curves can add immeasurably to the aesthetic success [...]

Diamond Divided Lights

These doors are all about the angles – learn to bisect them using geometry and it’s a snap. by Phil Lowe pages 48-54 When I walk into the American decorative arts Gallery at the Peabody Essex [...]

OmniSquare Multi-function Layout Tool

This clever and inexpensive milled aluminum square functions as a try square, miter square, bevel square, T-square, combination square and (in a pinch) a compass (the compass function would work [...]

Walke Moore Compass Guides

by James McConnell page 14 Designed as solid anchor points for placing compasses and dividers on the edges and corners of boards to mark curves, two of these Compass Guides from Walke Moore Tools [...]

See Like a Designer

Look for the ‘bones’ to observe how form defines design. by George Walker pages 16-18 It happens during almost every furniture design workshop. At the start of day two, a carload of students [...]

Tool & Furniture Records

Nicholas Disbrowe, Samuel Sewall and chairs as corpse transportation. by Peter Follansbee pages 58-61 As I study 17th-century oak furniture, I come up with many dead ends. The surviving objects [...]

Colonial Apprenticeship

A brief history of a not-so-romantic woodworking education system. by Bob Flexner pages 62-63 Ever since the renewal of interest in woodworking in the 1970s, especially among amateurs and [...]

Joint Survivors – End Grain

Accidental musing on craftsmanship and building things to last. by Adam Godet page 64 On a cold rainy day in December 2014, I was returning home from running errands in my Washington, D.C., [...]


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