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 In August 2015 #219

TTHoning_Aug_2015by Christopher Schwarz

page 16

To be frank, I’m not a fan of sharpening hand tools using diamond systems because I don’t find the final edge as ideal as one produced on oilstones or waterstones. That said, the new Trend Diamond Honing & Polishing kit (DWS/KIT/B) gets so many things bang-on correct that it is worth recommending for beginners.

For starters, for a $200 investment, you get everything – everything – you need to grind, hone and polish tools. There’s nothing else to buy.

The heart of the system is a two-sided diamond plate. One side is #300 grit (50 micron) for occasional grinding; the other is #1,000 grit (10 micron) for daily honing chores. The stone is lubricated by a light petroleum-based oil (included) that keeps the stone free of rust and swarf. Plus, you get an eraser for cleaning the stone.

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