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Traveling Tool Chest

Historic proportions and details are still the best. by Christopher Schwarz page 22 Since I started woodworking in about 1993, I’ve stored my tools in almost every way imaginable – from plastic [...]

Shop-made Saw Vise

Combine wood, leather and steel for a new take on an old tool. by Jason Thigpen page 29 If you sharpen your own saws, a proper saw vise is an essential tool. The jaws on a saw vise clamp down …

Build a ‘Birdcage’

This clever & traditional wooden mechanism allows tabletops to tilt and rotate. by Alfred Sharp page 34 During the first third of the 18th century, tea drinking first became a popular pastime [...]

18th-century Reflections

Make a classic mahogany looking glass by hand. by Joshua Klein page 40 Even before the days of Facebook and selfies, Americans were undeniably conscious of self-image. In both Europe and America, [...]

Furniture Restoration

Learn how to repair typical damage. by Bob Flexner page 46 Thirty-five years ago, I traded $125 worth of work for the mid-19th-century Empire chest-of-drawers pictured here. You could argue that [...]

Steam Powered

Successful wood bending with heat and water is more art than science by Michael Dunbar page 50 Long ago, some caveman made a curious discovery: Wood becomes pliable when it is both hot and wet, [...]

Kreg Precision Router Table

Simple micro-adjust feature and a solid base make this one a contender. by Christopher Schwarz page 14 Some router tables have gotten so complex and expensive that they actually rival a decent [...]

Texas Heritage Woodworks Auger Bit Roll

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 16 I’ve been looking for a long time for the perfect storage and transport solution for my auger bits. For a while, they were wrapped in kitchen towels – less than [...]

Design Matters: The Soup-can Curve

We’ve all done it – but speed does have disadvantages. by George Walker pages 18-20 We might admire a graceful curve in nature without understanding what lends it a sense of spring and vitality. [...]

I Can Do That: Contemporary Side Table

Simply change the ‘drawer’ and finish to change the look of this easy piece. By Megan Fitzpatrick pages 60-63 The first step in building this contemporary side table is to go shopping for the [...]

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