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02pwm1308tooltestBy Christopher Schwarz
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Every shop needs a square that is the ultimate arbiter of squareness. It is the tool that determines if your jointer fence is 90° to the table, if the end of a board has been shot square or if a drawer’s joints are correct.

While I love my combination square, it has worn a bit after 16 years of daily use to the point where I don’t trust it for high-tolerance tasks. So this spring I purchased a 7″ try square from Chris Vesper, an Australian precision toolmaker, and it is now my favorite square.

Each of Vesper’s squares are individually calibrated on a device of his own invention, and their accuracy is noted on each box. And while I appreciate an insane amount of accuracy (110 microns deviation – or less – over the entire blade), what really sold me on the tool was the swingy bit of metal in the corner of the handle.

This hinged piece of steel allows you to rest the tool on the edge of the board without supporting it with your hand. It just sits there. All by itself. Genius.

Read the full review here.

Blog: Read about a visit to Chris Vesper’s shop in Australia.

From the August 2013 issue #205
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