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Tool Test: Amana Countersinks Conquer Burning & Marring

 In August 2013 #205, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

04pwm1308tooltestBy Steve Shanesy
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Amana Tool has four new countersinks with various-sized drill bits and non-marring depth stops.

Each countersink has twin carbide-tipped flutes, and these are the only countersinks in the industry with this feature. Carbide-tipped flutes allow the bit to cut cleanly and last longer when working with hardwoods, plywoods and other engineered wood products.

Two set screws allow for quick adjustment of the drill-bit length and of the 3⁄8″-diameter countersink. (A hex key is included with each countersink.) You can dial in the exact setting for perfect plug holes at 3⁄8″. Or if you need a bit more depth, simply remove the stop and the countersink drills to 1⁄2″.

To eliminate marring, the tool’s adjustable depth stop features a pressed-in roller bearing that quickly stalls the spin as soon as the stop makes contact with the surface of the work. Also, there are two side openings in the depth stop that allow chips to escape from below the tool.

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Article: Learn more about countersinks and countersink bit designs.

From the August 2013 issue #205
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