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Voysey Mantel Clock

Build this sleek, contemporary-looking design from 1895. By Robert W. Lang Pages 22-29 Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941) was one of the eminent architects and designers [...]

Carve a Classic Linenfold Panel

Learn the techniques to carve this traditional flowing drapery design. By Mary May Pages 30-35 Backpacking across Europe as a college student, I experienced the awe-inspiring [...]

William & Mary Spice Chest

Curved stretchers, turned legs and hidden drawers make this piece a standout. By Zachary Dillinger Pages 40-46 In the early 18th century, the fashionable place to store household [...]

Take a U-turn to Scoop a Chair Seat

A table saw and a simple jig make a time-consuming task quick and easy. By Mario Rodriguez Pages 36-39 Woodworkers use all sorts of techniques to scoop out their chair seats. Many [...]

Double-bevel Artistry

A scrollsaw and simple steps yield stunning inlay results. By Jameel Abraham Pages 47-50 Picture a two-layer cake. Using a knife, cut a circle out of the middle while holding the [...]

Southern Gent’s Mirror Stand

Discovered in a museum basement, this Piedmont design makes heads turn. By Glen D. Huey Pages 51-55 My first trip to the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts was for business. [...]

Design Matters: Train Your Eye

Good, better or best? Small details and design decisions make a difference. By George R. Walker Pages 18-20 It’s every manufacturer’s dream to have “one size fit all.” Yet imagine [...]

Woodworking Essentials: The Hole Story

Discover a bit about clean, accurate boring. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages 58-59 There are many tools in modern woodworking you can use to bore holes: powered drills (both corded and [...]

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