August 2011 #191 - Page 2 of 2 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Royal Flooring in Appalachia

Paris parquet finds a new home in a rural Virginia woodshop. By Don Williams Pages 54-55 The convergent threads of life are sometimes amazing, coincidental things. My earliest [...]

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Tool Test: Festool CXS Drill-driver

A mighty small and mighty compact drill. By Glen D. Huey Pages:16-18 According to Apple’s Steven Jobs, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” If you ask me, [...]

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Tricks of the Trade

This month's winning trick is a nifty solution for Slide-out Tool Storage, from Dyami Plotke Edited by Kari Hultman Pages: 14-15 ADDITIONAL IMAGES: See the construction [...]

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Design Matters: Color Value

Contrast can be used to tell a visual tale. By George R. Walker Pages: 20-21 Every season writes its own story in color. Winter has its stark contrast between snow-covered fields [...]

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