August 2011 #191 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Spicy Pennsylvania Box

Behind a distinctive double-arched door are unknowns and secrets. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 26 -33 While surfing the Internet for examples of spice boxes, I stumbled upon an [...]

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How to Make ‘Condor Tails’

An ingenious way to combine routers, a band saw and hand tools for big dovetails. By Jameel Abraham Pages: 48-53 I know what you’re thinking: “Another opinion on how to cut [...]

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A Bright Idea

This light bulb-shaped lamp requires a little plywood (plus a little geometry) to make it look just brilliant. By Christopher Schwarz Pages:46-47 For me, one of the most perfect [...]

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Tai Chi & Woodworking

Balance, concentration and the quest for the easy way to work. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 42-45 You wouldn’t expect a Welsh chair bodger who’s teaching how to build a stick chair to [...]

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Coffee with the Brethren

Build a Shaker-inspired coffee table with through-drawers. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages: 38-41 Coffee tables didn’t exist as a furniture form until the 1920s (when they were known [...]

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If the Tool Fits…

Tools sized to the user lead to more efficient and comfortable work. By Ron Herman Pages: 34-37 One of the first things I do with new employees is fit them to a [...]

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