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Woodworking Essentials: Pick the Perfect Lock

 In December 2013 #208, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

LocksThe key to selection is knowing the terminology and how a lock works.

by Glen D. Huey
pages 52-55

From the December 2013 issue, #208

Locks protect our worldly goods from outsiders who wish to take those goods from us. In earlier days, the use of furniture locks had a somewhat different purpose.

It used to amaze me that spice box doors had locks. Sure, spices were expensive in the past, but a party intent on absconding with your spices could just as easily walk away with the entire box.

When I learned that servants would pinch the spices, or nip from the sugar stash, I better understood the use of locks back in the day.

In almost any hardware catalog, there can easily be several pages of locks shown. As you thumb through the choices, you could get the idea that there are many types from which to choose. All furniture locks, however, fit into one of three primary types: full-mortise, half-mortise and surface-mounted (these can be plain or fancy).

Within those three types, there are a few different designs: locks for desk lids, drawer and door locks and box and chest locks.

Blog: Get step-by-step instruction from Glen Huey on how he installs half-mortise locks.
To buy: Locks go best with accurately built drawers; here are four good methods.

From the December 2013 issue, #208


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