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Woodworking Class in Print – End Grain

 In December 2017 #236, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Build ‘to the plan’ and you just might learn some new skills.

by Eric Key
page 72

I’ve been subscribing to Popular Woodworking Magazine for years. Each issue inspires me with history, tips and tricks, and keeps me updated on the woodworking world. However, while standing at the mailbox thumbing through a new issue, it occurred to me that I’d never built a project from the magazine. Isn’t that the point of subscribing? I was wasting an opportunity to improve my skills.

Between the mailbox and the house I decided to make two of the June 2017 (issue #232) cover project, a modern lounge chair by Caleb James. I finished them by weaving the paper cord seats, as instructed by James in his August 2017 (issue #233) article.

I completed the project and am pleased with the results. In fact, I have a paradoxical emotional issue: simultaneous joy and loathing. The amount of new things I learned is amazing, but I loathe the fact that I’ve missed so many previous opportunities to grow.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you. If you have a mounting stack of periodicals but haven’t made any of the projects, here are five suggestions to help you better make use of the woodworking class in your hands. 

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From the December 2017 issue, #236

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