Veritas’s New Top-secret Steel | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In October 2012 #199, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Canadian company creates a steel combining the best of the old and new.

By Christoper Schwarz
Page 14

I’ve long been suspicious of the so-called “super steels” that promise long edge life between sharpenings. That has always meant that you have to spend a long time sharpening the tool on your stones or – even worse – you have to buy fancy equipment to even get a serviceable edge.

Plus, no new steel I’ve tried has ever had the feel of old-fashioned high-carbon steel. Until now.

Veritas is using a powdered steel (a closely guarded formula) that seems to defy many of the normal laws of high-carbon and alloy steels. Powdered metal is nothing new in woodworking. During the last decade, I’ve tried out several plane irons and chisels that were made using the sintering process.

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