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Veritas Combination Plane

 In November 2017 #235, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by Megan Fitzpatrick
page 14

A plow plane is a joinery powerhouse in the hand-tool shop. Not only can you plow grooves with it – you can, if necessary, use it for rabbets and tongues, though it’s a laborious tonguing process. Enter the combination plane – a plane that excels at grooves and has changeable cutters for not only other as well.

Hunting down a vintage Stanley No. 45 or Record #405 in good condition can be a challenge, though, and they’re often pricey. But there’s a new option: the Combination Plane from Veritas.

It’s heavier than the company’s Small Plow Plane (natch), but light enough to not tire me out. I weighed it on our postal scale against a Stanley No. 45, both with a 14” plow blade inserted. At 3.68 pounds, the Veritas is more than a pound lighter than the Stanley (4.72 pounds) – but still heavy enough to stay easily in the cut.

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Video: Watch the author explain the 17 knurled knobs and what they do.
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From the November 2017 issue, #235

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