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Upgrade Your Workbench

 In November 2007 #165, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Simple and ingenious jigs that will unlock the full capacity of your workbench.
By Rob Porcaro
Pages: 57-61

From the November 2007 issue #165
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The most important tool in my shop is one I never pick up: the workbench. I purchased my bench about 25 years ago, a classic continental-style model with a trestle base, a wooden face vise and an end vise with a row of square bench-dog holes along the front of the work surface. Though it has served me well and I’d buy, or more likely make, the same style bench (bigger, of course) if I had to do it over again, I’ve made significant adaptations to it to get my work done efficiently. I don’t consider this a shortcoming of the basic design. It only means that this tool can, and should be, personalized just like almost all other tools to meet the demands of one’s work.

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Watch a video about upgrading your work bench here.

From the November 2007 issue #165
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