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Upgrade Your Cutterhead

 In February 2011 #188, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Segmented knives reduce tearing and noise. But do you need to upgrade both planer and jointer?
By Glen D. Huey
Page: 42-47

If you purchased your jointer or planer a couple decades back, or if you had a watchful eye on your woodworking
budget as you made your purchases, chances are your machine has a three-knife cutterhead installed. Did you choose wisely? Should you make a change? Today you have other options.

Other cutterhead options most common to home woodworkers and small production shops have small square knives spaced around the diameter and along the length of the cutterhead.

These cutterheads reduce the noise in your shop, mill figured woods better than straight-knife heads and make dust collection easier. However, they are more expensive and require installation in an existing machine. Is one option better than another? Is changing your cutterhead worthwhile?

Video: Watch the installation of a 20″ stagger-tooth with shear into a planer.
Article: Read Glen D. Huey’s article about “The Right Way to Prepare Lumber.”
Web Site: Visit Byrd Tool for cutterhead installation information.”
To Buy: Grizzly.com has both cutterhead designs available for your machines.
In Our Store: “Woodworking Machines (Back to Basics)” by John Kelsey

From the February 2011 issue #188
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