Tricks of the Trade: Use Shrink Wrap as a Clamp for Veneer - Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In February 2014 #209, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Trickspages 12 -13

While trying to attach a carved 1⁄8″-thick mahogany veneer to the edge of a curved shelf, an idea came to me as a last moment glue-up solution.

Initially I thought I could make it easier to bend by wrapping the sawn veneer in a towel then saturating it with boiling water; this didn’t have the effect for which I had hoped. As I started to bend the veneer around the shelf, it was apparent that it would not lie flat around the curve.

Grabbing a small offcut of the shelf to use as a caul, I clamped it to the apex of the curved edge, but this still left the balance of the veneer away from the shelf.

Tim DeKorte,
Santa Maria, California

Read the rest of Tim’s trick and four more from our readers in the February 2014 issue, #209.







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