Tricks of the Trade: A Table for Your Trim Router

Tricks of the Trade: A Table for Your Trim Router

 In August 2012 #198, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Table for your trim routerBy Bruce Davis
Page 14

I was looking for a safer way to use my trim router for everyday chores around the shop. My solution was to build a router table that hangs off the end of my bench on a French cleat. When I’m not using the router table, I store it under the end of the bench on the floor. When I need to use the table, I simply hang it on the French cleat.

The router table is light enough that it is quite secure when mounted this way. This setup is great for doing small roundovers, chamfers, flush-trimming and the like. A standard router base plate is used in the table, so it’s easy to pop the router out of the table for freehand work.

It’s been a great addition to my shop, it doesn’t take up much space and it is a good way to store the router when not in use.

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From the August 2012 issue #198
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