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03pwm0215tooltestby Megan Fitzpatrick
page 16

I’m not usually a wet grinder kind of woman, because a dry grinder does the same work faster, then I move to waterstones to polish and hone.

I might be a convert, however, when it comes to tools that are difficult to grind on a dry grinder, including carving gouges and turning tools (and my kitchen knives). That’s where the Swedish-made Tormek system excels.

Precisely because it works slowly and the grind is automatically water-cooled, you simply cannot overheat an edge and ruin it. Plus, it works on my Japanese chisels (laminated edge tools don’t fare well on a dry grinder).

The grinding wheel is #220 grit for coarse work, but if you hold the fine side of the included SP-650 stone grader to it for a few moments a fine grit (about #1,000) is deposited on the wheel; then sharpen at the same setting as the grind. (Hold the coarse side to the stone to re-grade it to #220.) Polishing is at the leather honing wheel, for which 3-micron paste is included.

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From the February 2015 issue, #216

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