Toothed Planing Stop from Benchcrafted | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In February 2017 #230, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by James McConnell
pg. 16

Most woodworkers have the skill to engineer a makeshift planing stop from a block of wood and a bit of old saw blade, but the precision engineering and price point of the new toothed planing stop from Benchcrafted beg the question: Why would you want to?

The folks at Benchcrafted have made a name for themselves by reinventing and elevating classic workbench hardware, and the toolmakers’ toothed planing stop is no different. The finish of the stop is less refined than some of Benchcrafted’s other offerings, but the two-point bolt-and-barrel nut mounting design is sturdy and smart. Off-the-shelf mounting hardware keeps the price reasonable, while also allowing for quick installation and easy maintenance during a lifetime of use. I was able to mortise and install the hardware into an existing wooden stop with tools common to most workshops. Simple enough, and I was back to work in less than 30 minutes.

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Website: Check out Benchcrafted online.
Blog: Improve your workholding by using a planing stop with a doe’s foot.

From the February 2017 issue, #230


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