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Tool Test: Wood Owl ‘Nail Chipper’ Auger Bits

 In December 2013 #208, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

WoodOwlby Megan Fitzpatrick
page 18

From the December 2013 issue, #208

I’ve built a couple workbenches – and helped to build a couple more – and have drilled 3⁄4″-diameter holes for dogs and holdfasts variously by hand with a brace and bit, with an spiral-upcut bit in a router and with a combination of both (start with the router then finish by hand to make it through a thick benchtop). Well now I’ve a new favorite approach: Wood Owl “Nail Chipper” auger bits.

Christopher Schwarz was introduced to Wood Owl bits last summer by Jameel Abraham during a Roubo bench building session, and he waxed prolific to me about how great they were, and even posted a video (see below) – but I didn’t truly comprehend how well these work until I tried one myself. And at just $15 for a 3⁄4″-diameter x 7-1⁄2″ bit, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try one, too.

Read the complete tool test.

Contact: or 877-552-9663
Street price: from $13 to $64
Video: Watch a Wood Owl auger bit chew through 6″-thick oak in seconds.
To buy: Wood Owl Auger Bits are available from and other retailers.

From the December 2013 issue, #208


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