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Tool Test: Veritas Skew Rabbet Planes

 In December 2008 #173, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

How novel: Rabbet planes that actually work well in hardwoods and in cutting across the grain.
By Christopher Schwarz
Page: 36

From the December 2008 Issue #173
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Rabbet planes have always been a bit of an odd duck. The best vintage ones are either difficult to find or they have wooden bodies and are difficult to fix to get them functional.

Add to that the fact that the most common rabbet plane ever made – the Stanley No. 78 – isn’t well-suited for cutting hardwoods, and it’s no wonder that even hard-core hand-tool woodworkers make rabbets on a table saw.

Now Veritas has introduced a pair of rabbet planes that hand-tool woodworkers have been waiting for. In fact, these tools are so good that they might convince a few power-tool woodworkers to give them a try.

From the December 2008 issue #173
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