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Tool Test: SawStop’s ‘Tweener’ Saw

 In December 2009 #180, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index, Table Saw Safety

SawStop introduces its Professional Cabinet Saw to round out your table saw choices.
By Glen D. Huey
Page: 28

From the December 2009 issue #180
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When the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS) arrived at our shop we uncrated the tool to find that the saw is shipped on its side (other manufacturers ship their saws standing upright). Tipping the saw reduces the potential for damage during shipment. That’s innovative “in the box” thinking.

We put the PCS through the normal setup checks during assembly. Even though I didn’t need to adjust the saw’s blade/miter slot setting (it was only out .001″), I did so anyway to check the process. It’s easy to adjust should you need to do so.

In typical SawStop fashion, directions are clear and concise and all the nuts and bolts are packaged in clearly defined groupings to maximize an efficient assembly.

From the December 2009 issue #180
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