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Tool Test: Powermatic Table Saw Tenon Jig

 In June 2016 #225, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

tenon-jigNo-measure setup delivers precise, repeatable tenons – fast.

If you cut a lot of tenons, the Powermatic Tenoning Jig (PM-TJ) is worth a close look. While it appears a bit complicated out of the box, the PM-TJ is remarkably easy to use and compatible with any standard table saw with a low-profile riving knife.

Set up the jig for your saw and blade using cam-lever stop No. 1, and index the tenon size by referencing stop NO. 2 off the width of your mortise chisel or hollow-chisel mortising bit. Then put your stock between the handle and the second stop, slide the handle flush to the stock and lock it in place.

Raise your table saw blade to the desired height, and you’re ready to cut tenons that perfectly fit the width of the mortises cut with the chisel you used for indexing. (Perhaps obviously, you have to cut the shoulders with the work flat to the saw – this jig is slick, but it doesn’t do everything.)

The initial assembly and setup was easy thanks to the detailed directions, and Powermatic thoughtfully includes the necessary tools.

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From the June 2016 issue, #225

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