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Tool Test: Naniwa Sink Bridge for Sharpening Stones

 In August 2016 #226, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

tooltest3by Megan Fitzpatrick
page 16

The stainless steel sink bridge from Naniwa is not a new product – but it’s a welcome new addition to my shop at home. I don’t (yet) have a dedicated sharpening area set up, so until I get around to that, I’m resorting to the laundry sink. The problem is, that sink is quite deep with no flat area around it (or place to put one) on which to set my stones for a session of sharpening.

This sturdy bridge solves the problem. It adjusts to fit any straight-edged sink from 15 3⁄4″ to 22″ and keeps a solid grip on my plastic sink’s edges as I sharpen (the only problem is the thin-walled sink – it flexes a little if I get overzealous). The bridge cinches in place stones from 8″to 9 7⁄8″ long (with a 3 7⁄8″-wide support surface) with a fixed stop on one end and an adjustable stop on the other. But it’s loose enough that I can easily lift the stones out for flattening.

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From the August 2016 issue, #226

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