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Tool Test: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Honing Guide

 In November 2015 #221, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

1511-LN_guideby Christopher Schwarz

page 16

Since the mid-1990s I’ve been married to my inexpensive side-clamp honing guide, sometimes called an “Eclipse” guide after the firm that developed it. So when Lie-Nielsen Toolworks began showing its side-clamp honing guide around, I resisted even picking it up – I don’t like to mess with my sharpening routine in any way.

About two years ago, Thomas Lie-Nielsen asked me to test a prototype of his guide, perhaps because I was skeptical. After six months of using it, I retired my trusty Eclipse. Why? The Lie-Nielsen is simpler to use, requires less fiddling and holds tools with a vise-like grip. Plus, a variety of additional jaws (sold separately) allow you to hold odd-shaped tools and get precise edges.

The guide is simpler because it has only one opening to grip both chisels and plane irons. The Eclipse has two. One opening makes setting the sharpening angle easy because you don’t have to decide which opening to use.

It requires less fiddling because the jaws are precisely machined from stainless steel.

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