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Tool Test: Laguna’s ‘14-Twelve’ Band Saw

 In February 2014 #209, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

tooltest_lagunaA tool manufacturer does its homework to build a better band saw.

by Chuck Bender
page 14

The Laguna 14-Twelve band saw has the look and feel of a machine thrice its price. There’s a lot to like about this machine and the price makes it almost irresistible. Coming in at just under $1,100 ($1,345 with the mobile base and work light) puts it right in line with other manufacturers’ mid-range 14″ band saws.

The Laguna has plenty of oomph, with a 13⁄4-horsepower motor; most other band saws in this class are 11⁄2 hp or less. (Grizzly’s saw is the exception with a 2-hp motor.) It might not seem like much, but when you’re resawing wide material, every bit of power counts. The great thing is you get all that power and can still plug the machine into a standard household outlet.

The body of the saw is a one-piece construction, which gives it rigidity and stability. Some lighter-weight saws with two-piece bodies allow for the addition of a riser block for wider resaw work. The Laguna 14-Twelve has that additional height built in, giving you 13″ of resaw capacity.

Read the complete tool test.

Contact: or 800-234-1976
Street price: $1,097
Video: Take a closer look at some of the unique details of this new band saw. (To come.)

From February 2014, issue #209


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