Tool Test: Japanese Super Stones Don’t Need Soaking | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In April 2008 #168, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index, Sharpening

By Christopher Schwarz
Page: 34

From the April 2008 issue #168
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The only thing better than a Japanese waterstone is a Japanese waterstone that doesn’t require 10 minutes of soaking before you begin sharpening.

A new line of “Super Stones,” made by Naniwa Abrasives, are priced so that the next time you need to replace a waterstone, you’ll upgrade to these stones, which require just a spritz of water to begin.

The Super Stones cut as fast as premium man-made waterstones and stay fairly flat in use (be sure to flatten any new waterstone first thing out of the box, however).

From the April 2008 issue #168
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