Tool Test: Infinity Tools Thick-kerf, Flat-top Table Saw Blades - Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In June 2012 #197, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by Steve Shanesy
Page 16

When we think table saw blades, our experience limits our thinking to rip, crosscut or combination, and 1⁄8″ kerf or thin kerf. Then there’s the number of teeth and type of grind: flat top, alternate-tooth bevel (ATB) or triple-chip. Each of these has its purpose and, if sharp, performs a dedicated task well.

Now, Infinity Cutting Tools offers a new table saw blade that cuts joints cleanly with just one setup.

These 8″ blades come with 24 teeth in kerf widths of 5⁄32″ and 1⁄4″. They feature a flat-top tooth grind and a side grind to optimize tooth geometry for side clearance. This tooth configuration and grind makes clean, flat-bottomed cuts either with or across the grain in hardwoods, plywood, laminates and veneered panels. No more “bat ears” left by ATB blades or dado sets.

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