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 In February 2010 #181, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Variable-speed portable lathe shifts into reverse to improve sanding.
By Glen D. Huey
Page: 28

From the February 2010 issue #181
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If you need a lathe in a small shop and don’t have the room or just don’t want to wrestle with a full-size machine, benchtop lathes are a great solution.

Delta has introduced two benchtop lathes: one lathe has five speeds while the other lathe is a variable-speed model.

Interestingly, the variable-speed lathe has an extra feature that I think makes it the best choice. The #46-460 Midi-lathe is the only benchtop lathe with a reversing function, a feature found on some larger, more expensive machines.

From the February 2010 issue #181
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