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Tool Test: Craftsman 10″ Sliding Miter Saw

 In February 2016 #223, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Craftsman 10" Miter SawThis inexpensive compact saw performs surprisingly well.

by Christopher Schwarz
page 14

When sliding miter saws first hit the market, they could cost as much as a decent table saw. So I was shocked when I saw the price tags on the new line of miter saws by Craftsman (starting at less than $200).

Surely they must be terrible, inaccurate and shoddily made.

So I bought one that is ideal for making furniture: The 10″ compact slide miter saw (model No. 137.407530), which was $229 on that particular Saturday (watch for sales). I have a small shop, so I wanted a saw that had a small footprint but lots of cutting capacity.
The saw is remarkable for its price. It has a few compromises and bits I don’t like, but overall it’s affordable, accurate and well worth owning.

The 10″ sliding saw can handle a 2×12 (and then some) and a 4×4. The maximum crosscut I could make on 4/4 stock was 131⁄2″. That’s fantastic. The saw is no wuss – it plowed through white oak with little complaint. And it can make dead 90° crosscuts once you tune it up. Plus, it can make compound cuts (the head tips only to the right), which is nice, though it’s not a feature often called for in the furniture shop.

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Web Site:
Online: See the other saws in this line from Craftsman.

From the February 2016 issue, #233

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