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Tool Test: BT&C Hardware Store Saw

 In November 2015 #221, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

1511-BTandC_saw More than just a saw, this tool offers (useful) infomercial-like functions.

by Christopher Schwarz

page 14

I’m not a fan of multi-tools. In my experience they are marketing gimmicks that do nothing particularly well. But the new Brooklyn Tool & Craft Hardware Store Saw is a huge exception to that rule.

This short panel saw is the ideal toolbox saw. Thanks to its ingenious tooth pattern it rips and crosscuts quite well. Its deep tooth gullets refuse to clog with sawdust. And while the tote is unapologetically machine-made, it actually feels fantastic in use, even after you make more than a dozen cuts right in a row.

And if that were all the saw offered, I’d still write a positive review. But the Hardware Store Saw is even more amazing because of its infomercial-like qualities:

■ It’s a try square! The front cheek of the hickory tote is 90° to the saw’s spine. And it really is square enough for woodworking.

■ It’s a rule! The spine is etched with both metric and Imperial measurements.

■ A protractor! You can lay out angles of 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 75° using holes perforated in the sawplate.

■ A calculator! Convert fractions to decimals to metric on the chart etched on one face of the saw.

■ Lay out dovetails! Set a bevel gauge to 1:6 or 1:8 using the angles on the sawplate.

■ And more!

Do you need all that stuff? During an intense two-week workout where this was my only saw, I was surprised how often I used the “gizmos” on the .030″-thick sawplate, especially the try square function. After a while it became second nature to lay out my cuts and execute them all with the saw.

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