Tool Test: Blue Spruce Paring Chisels Approach Perfection - Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In June 2008 #169, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

By Christopher Schwarz
Page: 32

From the June 2008 issue #169
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Paring chisels were once a common and important part of a woodworker’s tool kit, but nowadays few manufacturers make them anymore and even fewer make them well.

The problem with all paring chisels is that they are difficult to manufacture so that they work correctly. A paring chisel should have a nice flat back (what some people call the “face” of the chisel). The flat back allows you to plant it on your work and pare a plug or other proud area flush.

If the blade is warped, the tool will either dig into your nice workpiece or it won’t cut the plug flush.

Leave it to Blue Spruce Toolworks to make a paring chisel that is exquisite, comfortable to hold and perfectly functional.

From the June 2008 issue #169
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