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Tool Test: Blue Spruce Firmer Chisels

 In February 2013 #202, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

These traditional tools are a throwback for a thoroughly modern maker.

By Christopher Schwarz
Page 14

Perhaps the last tools I ever expected to come out of the Blue Spruce Toolworks are the most traditional set of modern bench chisels I have ever used.

After all, Dave Jeske of Blue Spruce has spent all of his toolmaking career building gorgeous tools that have a definite modern and West Coast flavor. His knives, chisels, awls and even his mallets are about as close to contemporary sculpture as you can get (and I mean that as the highest compliment imaginable).

But Dave’s latest chisels are complete throwbacks – they have 18th- and 19th- century design details, use old-fashioned high-carbon steel and they have thin blades that remind you of using an excellent old firmer chisel.

But like all of Dave’s tools, the fit and finish is taken to a level that few manufacturers (or even custom toolmakers) can ever achieve.

So let’s take these chisels apart and find out what makes them work.

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