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Tool Test: American ‘Bad Axe’ Saws

 In November 2009 #179, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A sawmaker builds tools inspired by the classic American forms of the 19th century.
By Christopher Schwarz
Page: 26

From the November 2009 issue #179
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The recent bumper crop of new handsaw makers has produced a lot of beautiful tools that cut brilliantly. And while almost all these new makers are in North America, the saws they build look decidedly British with their brass backs and handle designs.

Now there’s a new sawmaker in Wisconsin who is making backsaws that are decidedly American and hearken back to the golden age of sawmaking kicked off by Disston & Sons.

Bad Axe Tool Works currently makes two joinery saws that are different in every way from the other premium makers’ wares. We borrowed the saws for a month and took them for a test drive. Here are some of our impressions.

From the November 2009 issue #179
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